Runic Technology won the "2020 China Analog Semiconductor Conference"

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On September 25, 2020, the "2020 China Analog Semiconductor Conference" organized by the global electronic technology mediawas successfully held. In the "2020 China Analog Semiconductor Leap Achievement Award" held concurrently, Runic Technology Continuous technological innovation and market achievements in the field of high-end analog chips won the "China Analog Semiconductor Excellent Enterprise Award".



About Analog Semiconductor Conference

The 2020 China Analog Semiconductor Conference focuses on technology landing and docking, recommending and introducing excellent domestic analog semiconductor technologies and products for the electronic engineers of end-demand companies, so as to realize that in the future localization of high-tech industries, local companies can have More supply chain options.
     The senior FAE Linggong of Runic Technology brought a wonderful speech on "The Application of Instrumentation Amplifier and Manufacturing Process" at the conference. He pointed out that there is a clear difference between the instrumentation amplifier and the differential amplifier. The two ends of the differential amplifier can withstand the common mode voltage of the super op amp supply voltage, and the cost is lower. It can sample at the high-side current and sample the high common mode voltage; two instrumentation amplifiers The common-mode voltage that the input can withstand is limited, and the built-in high-precision gain resistor has a high CMRR, which is used in situations where the internal resistance of the signal source is relatively large.