Vehicle-grade chips from Runic Technology

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We have recently released 11 Vehicle-grade chips that have passed AEC-Q100 Grade1&MSL 1 humidity level certification; The part number that have passed the vehicle specification certification this time include:

High-speed Comparator: LM2901XP-Q1; LM2903XK-Q1

General Operational Amplifier: RS8411XF-Q1; RS8414XQ-Q1

Analog Switch: RS2260XTSS16-Q1

Level Converter: RS0104XQ-Q1; RS0108XQ20-Q1

Logic Chip: RS1G125XC5-Q1;

Low Noise Operational Amplifier: RS622XTDE8-Q1

Parallel Voltage Reference Source: RS431AXSF3-Q1; RS432AXSF3-Q1


Vehicle-grade chips must have extremely low failure rates, high reliability, and normal operation at high and low temperatures, which requires high requirements for product design, development process, process design, process capability, and mass production control. All 11 Vehicle-grade chips released this time have passed the enhanced version of AEC-Q100 Grade 1 certification and humidity sensitivity level MSL 1 certification in authoritative third-party laboratories, with a theoretical design life of more than 25 years.


Currently, there are 38 Vehicle-grade chips from Runic Technology , and about 20 Vehicle-grade chips are still under certification; Runic's Vehicle-grade chips are widely applicable in various fields of automotive electronics, such as power domain, body domain, intelligent cockpit, etc. At the same time, they can be widely P2P compatible with equivalent signal chains, logic, analog switches, and other automotive grade chips from companies such as TI/ADI/Experia/Onsemi.