New starting point, New journey - Forge ahead in the surge of China Semiconductor Industry

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On Oct.11, 2011, Jiangsu Runic Technology (Shenzhen) Branch held a simple and solemn relocation celebration! The staff and the guests gathered together and the atmosphere was enthusiastic.  Runic Tech Shenzhen Branch office moves to Shenzhen IC Industry Park, and begins a new journey.


Jiangsu Runic Technology Co., Ltd. has grown its business in 7 years. In August 2014, Runic Tech was established in Wuxi City, which focus on Analog Chips and rapidly improve the company’s analog chips product line after 3 years R&D. Now Runic product line includes precision operational amplifiers, high-speed operational amplifiers, general operational amplifiers, low-noise operational amplifiers, micro power operational amplifiers, micro power comparators, analog switches, power management, data converters, level switch, voltage reference source etc., From 2017, Runic products are used in a wide array of industrial control, medical equipment, security monitoring equipment, instruments, automotive electronics, smart home and consumer electronics etc. Runic gradually win brand customers’ trust, and attract many talents joined in.



Surge in China Semiconductor Industry, Jiangsu Runic has gradually formed its mature R&D and Marketing Tech support system. In recent years, Runic Tech become one of the influential Analog IC companies, increasing sales rates by two or three times.“China is the world’s largest manufacturing hub and the second-largest final consumption market, which boosts China Analog IC industry. Persistence leads to success!”says President of Shenzhen Semiconductor Industry Association, Principal of SZ-HK Microelectronics School from Southern University of Science and Technology  Professor Shengming, Zhou.